Monday, November 5, 2012

Buns All The Way.

A girl should always have three things done; her nails, her outfit, and her hair! Every girl tries to do a million different hairstyles, and colors. For me, all I need are my buns, not those buns! Messy buns, neat buns, I love em' all. I always do this whenever I'm having a bad hair day, or just didn't wash my hair. It's really easy to do and it looks so effortlessy cute and classy.  I'll post a video I found below. 
 Here is how it looks!

super easy!

I love a great bun because there are so many ways to style it.  You could do an elegant low bun, a sexy side bun, a top knot, a messy bun or just simply that. And I spotted some hot celebs rocking this look too.

Demi Lovato
Lauren Conrad
Miley Cyrus

Alli Simpson

Kylie Jenner
Sarah Hyland
Shay Mitchell

 Well, next week I'll do another cute hairstyle I found or want to share with you  and other celebrities  I've seen rocking them. Enjoy! 


  1. These look great. I adore Alli Simpson's, Kim Kardashian's, Kylie Jenner's and Shay Mitchell's. Xoxo