Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Annual 55th Grammy Awards Fashion Recap.

This years Grammy Awards was filled with gorgeous fashion that I know I enjoyed watching. Below we have Rhianna, The Queen Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Adele.

I know I'm a little late with this one but I wanted to do a Fashion Recap sort of Review on the Women's Fashion that I saw at the Grammy's. The fashion varied from "What is she wearing?!" to "Wow, she looks Fab!" and I loved it. I will be addressing the Best Dressed and Worst of the Worst in this post, Enjoy!

I'll start with the Worst Dressed at the Grammy's. I'd have to say my Top 2 Worst had to be..

Lisa D'Amato
These two lovely ladies were looking all that lovely at The Grammy's last week. I think Ms. Lisa's outfit was just horrendous. She don't know who picked that out or where she was trying to get with that one but the real question is, Who let her out of the house in that?!

 Let's move on to Kimbra, she's gorgeous but it was a fail. I think she tried really hard to like do look good but it didn't work out. I don't like her hair either, it looks like she glued a bunch of hair balls to her head and walked out. I just don't understand what they were thinking. 

My Best Dressed choices are..

Rhianna did break the rules by wearing a sheer dress but she nailed this one. I love the simple red yet elegant dress that she wore. Her makeup was very sincere and her hair just flowed with her dress. I think Rhianna definitely stepped it up from last year's Grammy Awards. I loved this look!

Florence just looks fab in this Givenchy dress at the Grammy's last week. Her hair was in a messy sort of updo and this allowed more attention on the spike on her dress. Her choice of accessories and shows was subtle which was a smart move. She just looks sick and classy and I love it!

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift, she looked exceptionally gorgeous that evening. Her hair was in a super cute and neat updo which looks amazing. Her dress with several cutouts was okay because it looks lovely. The slit down one leg made it even more amazing. She really nailed this one and I thought she looked beautiful.

Stay tune for my 85th Oscar Academy Awards Fashion Review!


  1. I hate taylor swift but i have to admit she was amazing! oh and rihanna was fabulous

    1. I can't stand Taylor as a person but I can't lie she is naturally beautiful and looked stunning there. Rhianna was just like BAM, loved it!

  2. Rihanna was so great! I am now obsessed with her haha<3